Guess what! The oldest of brothers has jumped out of this house and into one of his own. He’s packed up all his stuff and brought it to his new place-and yet, he’s still sitting in the living room right now trying to figure out some program. He loves us.   Anyways, here’s a little […]

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HIGH SCHOOL & CELL PHONES One of the biggest things I remember about the first day of high school was everyone exchanging phone numbers and putting it into their flip phones—or maybe their blackberries if their parents were willing to pay more for the monthly bill. The awkwardness of first-day jitters had worn off and everyone […]

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Theatre Review: Reservations

This past Tuesday, the Creative Communications class took a little field trip to see Reservations, a play divided into two stories that looks at current issues regarding indigenous rights. I’ve been to plays in the past like Fiddler on the Roof and The King and I, but nothing like Reservations. To be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to an informative […]

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Super Joe to the Rescue!

Picture being in the middle of a highway. You can see your house across the snow-covered farmer’s field, but to walk there would take half an hour. You’re not dressed for the weather in your capri pants and hoodie, even though your mom always warned you to dress for the weather “just in case.” You’re stranded. That […]

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Beards, Beards, Beards

This past weekend was my first time ever going to Festival du Voyageur. Even with so many events to choose from, I was drawn to the 34th Beard Growing Contest because well, where else are you going to see THAT many beards? Held at the Voyageur Trading Post, men and women joined in one of four […]

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Make that (Cookie) Dough

  Did you know that cookies can’t make themselves?! Of course you do. Everyone does. But based on the amount of times I’m told by my brothers, “those cookies aren’t going to make themselves,” you’d think it was breaking news. About once a week it’s suggested that I make cookies for the house. It’s cue that there’s a […]

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